Great Love Relationships

Why having a great relationship is so important for all of us? We cherish love stories because they show us that it is possible to be perfectly loved. All around us people More »

Five Steps To The Love You’ve Been Dreaming About Since You Were a Little Girl

Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship, or maybe just met someone you’d like to be in one with. If it is a new one, you’re hopeful, but there is the nagging doubt More »

Successful Relationships

This article will focus on the importance of balancing your inner being towards personal transformation regarding relationships. In other words, it is vitally important to be in tune with your inner essence More »

Relationship Satisfaction with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells us that we can manifest anything we desire. As a spiritually oriented life coach of more than twelve years, I agree whole-heartedly. That is, IF you truly More »

Relationship Reality

Within the next two to three minutes, you will uncover if you have had relationships based in reality or fantasy! I want you to recall a failed relationship and ask yourself one More »

Successful Relationships

This article will focus on the importance of balancing your inner being towards personal transformation regarding relationships. In other words, it is vitally important to be in tune with your inner essence in order to create and maintain a nurturing interaction with yourself and with your partner, child, spouse, or whomever.

First, start off by asking yourself if you know what you want in a relationship? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Remember, the Universal Laws concerning the Law of Attraction means that to live life without purpose means you live life by default. And, relationships are no different. Please understand that nobody is in charge of making you happy. This means that true inner peace cannot be found outside of yourself. Only your own Divinity and your own Inner Guidance System have the ability to bring you the love relationships of your dreams.

So before you go forth on this journey of finding and receiving the blissfulness of a true love relationship with another human being, you must adhere to the fact that you must love yourself first.

Relationship Reality

Within the next two to three minutes, you will uncover if you have had relationships based in reality or fantasy!

I want you to recall a failed relationship and ask yourself one question, “Why didn’t it work?”

Initially, you may answer, “They cheated, lied, changed, etc.” But be honest with yourself. Without honesty there cannot be any changes in your life.

The truth may be you created a world in which this person could not live up too! “How is that possible,” is what you are thinking, “I would never do such a thing!” Maybe not intentionally but you do it! Heck, we all do it until we realize we are doing it!

Too often you project your image of the person onto them. Thus, creating your fantasy person. We see only the image we created.

This is important to recognize early on because at no point did the person ask you to think so highly of them. You focus on their “potential” and figure eventually he/she will get to that place he/she should be to make you happy.

However, once the individual steps outside of the image

The Secret to Relationships

“Why are relationships so hard?”  “Why do they take so much work?”  “Why aren’t your relationships working as well as you’d like them to?”

The quick answer is that relationships are hard because they are, take so much work because they do and don’t work as well as you’d like them to because they don’t.

Behind this glib response is the statement that we all carry with us a belief about relationships that is sometimes subconscious and often unexamined. It is the belief that life is supposed to be different from what it is. Then, when our fantasy clashes with our reality, we think there’s something wrong with us, with the other person and with the relationship.

Have you seen the movie, “Romancing the Stone” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner? The movie opens with a scene out of the old west where a woman in peril is rescued from outlaws by a handsome cowboy who sweeps the woman into his arms, lifts her onto his horse and rides off with her into the sunset. It is a perfect

Great Love Relationships

Why having a great relationship is so important for all of us?

We cherish love stories because they show us that it is possible to be perfectly loved. All around us people talk about romance, soul-mates and endless love…while being in normal, safe but dull relationships. Is this a collective dream?

What are we all looking for in the dream relationship?

Beyond all the conscious reasons we say in public: “he really supports me,” “she is caring and attentive,” “we have so much fun together,” is one hidden factor very difficult to put into words, or acknowledge.

As we all go through life developing into the full beings we need to be, there are some unfulfilled aspects left undone while we were growing up. Some childhood needs such as being accepted by our parents, being respected or fully appreciated were missing. Parents can be very busy, very unsuited to the task of parenting or simply lost in their own needs to recognize their children’s vital needs and those reactions leave a very deep mark. Other times, parents are really abusive and inflict untold humiliation and verbal abuse on their children.

So, why do

Five Steps To The Love You’ve Been Dreaming About Since You Were a Little Girl

Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship, or maybe just met someone you’d like to be in one with. If it is a new one, you’re hopeful, but there is the nagging doubt – will it be different than any before. You tell yourself, why should it be? So far nothing has worked out for you. Long term/short-term they just don’t seem to last, is it the stars, your fate – nothing has given you the dream relationship you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. You are practically to the point of giving up.


What if what I’m about to share with you could give you the relationship of your dreams, the one you’ve been imagining all along, the type that makes you jealous when you see it. The one you can’t believe you could have, and to top it off, it will be easy and fun to achieve…

Each of the steps listed below will get you there. They can work on their own, or together they will make you irresistible…

Step One – Keep Your Life

You need to have your own life…

What you were doing

Relationship Satisfaction with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells us that we can manifest anything we desire. As a spiritually oriented life coach of more than twelve years, I agree whole-heartedly. That is, IF you truly understand the advanced concepts that elevate the Law of Attraction from the realm of “interesting idea” to “practical success tool.”

It is vital not only to understand what does and doesn’t work regarding the Law of Attraction in general, but also the do’s and don’ts specific to each type of dream you wish to manifest; whether it be the desire for a fulfilling relationship, prosperity, physical well-being, inner peace, or right livelihood. When it comes to relationships there are common pitfalls which can easily sabotage an eager seeker. In this article we’ll address culprit #1.


A common Law of Attraction pitfall regarding relationships is that people focus on the form vs. the essence. Form refers to appearances – what we think our dream relationship is supposed to look like. Essence refers to the vibration – what our dream relationship will feel like. The form can be a trap because we think the form is what will make us happy. But

Connecting the Dots

Marriage as we know it used to be viewed as a business relationship. Arranged by the families of a young couple, such partnerships were formed for the value they could bring to all parties. Some benefits included financial stability, securing class status, and prestige. The concept of love relationships is relatively new, even in the Western World, where arranged marriages were a part of mainstream culture well into the 19th century.

Why discuss arranged marriage in a career forum? Because today, the concept of working for love – or landing one’s dream job – is perhaps as controversial — and misunderstood — as was marrying for love in the 20th century.

Those of us who married for love probably shared certain romantic notions as we searched for our life partner. We looked for someone smart, attractive, with similar values and shared interests. According to a recent poll on, 98% of respondents thought it was important to marry your soul mate. The term soul mate can lead to unreasonable expectations, as does “dream job”, its closest parallel in the world of work.

Merriam-Webster defines a soul mate as “a person who is perfectly suited to

Attraction in Loving Relationships

Law of Attraction and Love and Family. Whilst there are three areas in life that are important to people – health, wealth and love – it is usually the latter two that they are most focused on – trying to earn more money or finding the love of their life or increasing the love and prosperity for their loved ones. When it comes to love and family, how does the law of attraction fit in – can it help to create a loving relationship and even mend broken ones?

Of course it can! Everyone is sending out energy, emotional vibrations, at an unconscious level. And since like energies attract more of the same, if you begin to send out positive energy they will respond in the same way. After an argument, it doesn’t matter who is the first to say sorry and begin doing good things for the other (sending out positive energy) for the other to soon have no choice but to do the same – they have no choice – they will not be able to help themselves.

If we look at the family situation we’ll find that there are already bonds in play

Client-Vendor Relationship

Changing How We Regard Vendors

If you are like the typical client who looks at vendor services as a basic commodity-for-cash transaction, you probably have difficulties with many of your internal and external vendors.

“After all,” you probably think, “vendors of this product or service are a dime a dozen! I am in the driver’s seat. He/she has to make me happy or I’ll look somewhere else!”

Would you take that same idea that a “vendor is just a basic commodity-for-cash so I do not have to worry about how I treat him/her” viewpoint with…

• Your doctor?

• Your mechanic?

• Your lawyer?

• Your accountant?

Most people would say something like, “No! They take care of my personal life and would be too hard to replace!”

However, ask yourself if their services-for-money relationships with you are truly different from a vendor at work or have you just never thought of them the same way?

If there were a way that you could feel the same about a workplace vendor that you feel about your personal physician, mechanic, lawyer, or accountant, could that possibly

1. Improve

How Do I Save My Relationship

If this article has caught your attention, then your relationship is probably going through a rough patch but you care so much about it and want to save it. The hardest part has been covered, because you have accepted that the relationship is on the rocks and you are now looking to reunite and make it better. Below are some pointers that will help in answering your question “how do I save my relationship?”

Channels of communication – One of the biggest problems in any relationship is a breakdown in communication. You will need to reopen your channels of communication to make sure that the both of you properly understand what the other wants and needs. Different couples have different ways of expressing themselves to each other. Find out which one works best for you and work on fixing your relationship.

Routines – There are some things that you will always have to do together. For example, you can make it a routine to take a peaceful walk every other evening. You should, however, not make your day-to-day life such a routine that one of you wants out of the relationship because it is getting boring.

How to Use a Dynamic Relationship

If you have the man of your dreams in your midst and you are about to become an exclusive couple you will want the relationship to last -will you not? But with so many marriages ending in divorce and the prevailing wind that marriage isn’t for life anyway, what can you do to make sure that your dream relationship of one month lasts and is still your dream relationship of 20 years?

The big picture is to think of building your relationship on solid ground- have this as your outcome and it will help to dictate and shape your future decisions.

As you have that picture for your relationship the next thing is to devise your own rules and boundaries.
Ask yourself and then your partner about boundaries. For instance, what is a deal breaker- i.e. what is it you both could do that is grounds for immediate divorce? Is that having an affair? Is it having a one night stand? What about gambling? Or partying? And a biggy- working away or working long hours?

Whatever that deal breaker is for you make sure you know it, communicate it to him and he has to

Secret to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams

Do you want to know the #1 secret to create the relationship of your dreams?

There is a secret that no one shares. And I am going to tell you that secret right now…

You do not create the relationship of your dreams.

You got it backwards. You don’t go looking for the relationship. You start with you. How is your relationship with you?

Until you love yourself first and the best relationship in your whole life is the one you have with you right now you will not be able to find that partner with whom you can create happiness. Will not happen!

If you are not in love with you then why in the world would anyone else want to fall in love with you? If you are not happy spending time alone with you-without distractions like radio or television-how could you offer someone else joy in your presence?

If you really want to find the person with whom you can spend the rest of your life in happiness then write a list, a detailed list, of who that person is, how that person is, what that person likes and

Three Steps to Your Dream Relationship

Do you want to settle down with one guy and just make commit to you? Why are guys so afraid of a monogamous and permanent relationship? Is there anything you can do to change the dynamic of your dating life and start a long-term relationship? Before you throw in the towel, try out these three steps with your guy and you will be able to make him commit.

1. Take away his fear.

Some guys are just afraid to establish any kind of permanency because of what they’ve experienced in their own lives while witnessing their parents’ marriage. You need to alleviate his fears and let him know how you are different, without directly telling him. You can let him know by your actions and by your offhand comments.

For example, he might think that you will gain a lot of weight after getting married and having children. You can counteract this fear by being committed to exercise and letting him see your ability to stay fit. Also, you can make a comment about how you want to stay active throughout your life and always stay in shape.

2. Let himexperience the rewards of

Relationship Advice For Women

Women can come as both experts and rookies in the relationship department. Men can also be very unpredictable and you have to bear that during the course of the relationship. Dealing with men in your relationship is bitter and sweet.

Below are some tips that can help a woman with her relationship. Read through and get to know the things that you need to consider:

He looks at other women.
You might be having dinner and you caught him looking at a woman who passed by your table. The first thing to do is to not pick a fight. Men look at women the same way women look at a beautiful flower or a lovely dress. Men are visual beings so expect that whenever a beautiful woman passes, his head will automatically tilt.

He needs his own time.
Being in relationship should not hinder your quality time alone or with family and friends. Remember that even if the two of you are together, it doesn’t mean that you are so fused together that you can’t go your separate ways anymore. He needs to do some things on his own. Provide him his personal space.

Good Relationships

Does seeing happy couple together makes you wish that it is you and your partner? Have you been searching for that missing piece in your relationship with your partner? Are you wondering of what makes good relationships between couples?

Building good relationships that you can always cherish requires a deep understanding of what makes a lasting relationship with the people you care for especially your partner. The strong connection and attachment to your special someone will need a good foundation. When you are able to apply the important ingredients that are essential in your relationship then it will blossom to a connection that cannot be swayed by serious challenges.

The following are the secret ingredients among couples who have successful and good relationships.

1. Be your Partner’s Motivator: In good relationships, encouraging your partner to be better each day will strengthen the connection between the two of you. When you become your partner’s self-esteem booster, he gains the courage and strength to express his real self. If you are able to reach out to your partner’s heart then you will have an open relationship that will continue to aim for happiness and infinite love.

2. Be

How To Create A Dream Relationship

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to create the relationship you’ve always wanted to have with your mother and father. In fact, you can do this today even if they are no longer living, so don’t stop yourself from enjoying the satisfaction of a healthy parent-child relationship just because one or both parents is no longer in your life.

Perhaps you have been estranged from your mother or father for many years, and they have rebuffed all attempts to resolve the situation. You can still benefit from following the suggestions outlined in this article.

Remember that the release from stress and tension that you will receive by healing a sad or unhealthy relationship with your parents is one that you’ll enjoy the rest of your life. In addition, learning how to have a healthier relationship with your own parents will help you to be a better parent to your own kids and better friend to other family members.

It’s strange how often we feel tied to behaving the same old way in our relationships, as if the rules are written in stone and we are stuck with them forever more.

Relationship Advice

For most of us love swings into action in a jet set tempo. A whirlwind tour of some distant exotic island. Filled with red hot intensity, with wild episodes of passionate sex. The spine-chilling sensation of discovering someone new is mind boggling. I would like to refer to it as the preliminary stage or the stage of euphoria, where each of you think he or she is the last man/woman on earth. Every word, every touch, every glance seem like magic.

The sheer presence of this person creates a tornado and you are at the vortex. With time however, the intensity mellows. You get to know each other – warts and all. You see sides of the person which you thought never existed. Where is the epitome of perfection ? It is exactly at this stage where most of us go wrong. Because we are looking not only for the right person, but the PERFECT person, a near impossibility. Just look at yourself first. Are you perfect ? no one is on this earth. Sooner we realize this, sooner we stop chasing a mirage, a pipe dream.

Consider this scenario. You have met the person who

Is a Dream Relationship

When people are in love, too often they think about making the relationship last for a long time. This is especially true for those who are not yet married but serious in their commitment to each other. It’s natural to do this because getting in and out of one relationship to another can also be quite tiring.

So if you ask whether a person can have the relationship of his or her dreams, the answer is yes, it is always possible. But there are certain factors to consider in order to achieve this. Remember that people have different personalities and it’s only when you get a better understanding of your partner’s character traits that you’ll be able to decide if you’re meant to be together.

A major consideration is to determine the type of behavior you will allow and not allow in your life. In this case, you will have to envision yourself in various situations and learn how to deal with reactions of your partner.

Express yourself. This is one area where many people find difficult to be honest due to certain fears. But this is a mistake because how would your partner know

Steps to Creating Your Dream Relationship

Millions of singles across the world are looking to create relationship bliss. It takes time. It requires energy. It mandates desire. A lot of people have all that. What they don’t have is a valid and reliable Roadmap to Relationship Success. Whether they’re accessing Yahoo Maps or their personal database–if the information used to create a Roadmap is faulty, they’ll end up lost. If you’re single and feeling lost, here are five easy steps that you can take toward creating your dream relationship.

Step One: Define your belief system

Ask yourself this question–what information have I built my belief system upon? If you don’t have a precise answer, it’s likely that your database is full of faulty information. Thus, the first step toward relationship bliss is to determine what were the sources of information that went into creating your roadmap. For example, if you’re a man and believe that if you rescue a woman, or if you’re a woman who believes that you need to play the role of damsel in distress, then you have based some part of your belief system on a fairy tale. Bad thing to do! Great relationships are created when two

Attracting a Dream Relationship

Attracting a relationship using a vision board is a hot topic. Today, Mothers day, I was very happy remembering this huge blessing, that manifested for me in 1994, in the area of dream relationships. I still love rejoicing in the “tipping point’ / quantum leap that has brought me to this day and the ability to share with you, my story.

It’s 16 years since the weekend just before I met, my “Dream come true husband” Rand. For me that time really was ” the darkness before the dawn.”

It was a rough weekend I was very sad, as is common when you are alone and attending a family celebration like Mothers day, Easter or Christmas. The reason why I was so sad, was that it seemed all my Mind Power and Treasure Mapping… now called Vision Board, focus was still not manifesting for me. I had manifested so much that was wonderful but still not my biggest most important dream… my life partner.

I had created my “ideal relationship Vision Board, Treasure map,” 3 years earlier and was extremely diligent with my focus and my actions, but getting a little impatient.

The secret to the secret is to