Attraction in Loving Relationships

Law of Attraction and Love and Family. Whilst there are three areas in life that are important to people – health, wealth and love – it is usually the latter two that they are most focused on – trying to earn more money or finding the love of their life or increasing the love and prosperity for their loved ones. When it comes to love and family, how does the law of attraction fit in – can it help to create a loving relationship and even mend broken ones?

Of course it can! Everyone is sending out energy, emotional vibrations, at an unconscious level. And since like energies attract more of the same, if you begin to send out positive energy they will respond in the same way. After an argument, it doesn’t matter who is the first to say sorry and begin doing good things for the other (sending out positive energy) for the other to soon have no choice but to do the same – they have no choice – they will not be able to help themselves.

If we look at the family situation we’ll find that there are already bonds in play that can help to make the relationship better than ever before. We all know that it is not uncommon for families who share the same space to compete over the bathroom, for example, or for siblings to argue about computer games, TV – the usual domestics!

But, the bottom line is that there is usually an element of love in the family, even at the root of what seem impossible relationship problems. Where do you start? I’ve just said that there is always an element of love in the family, right? Then that is where you begin. For some, however, the disharmony may have been going on for some time and so the subconscious is sending out all the wrong emotional responses (because over time it’s been conditioned to act that way). Ok, you’re going to fix this problem and mend the relationship – but first, you have to be absolutely convinced that you want to do this, because the first person you have to start with, is YOU! You have to convince your own subconscious first, before you have a chance with anyone else.

Lip service is not enough – you really have to WANT things to change, right to the very emotional foundation of your being. You have to be 100% committed to change. First thing to do is to forget all the bad stuff – stop focusing on what they did that drove you up the wall, round the bend – however you want to put it – stop focusing on it right now. Why? The law of attraction! If you still harbor thoughts about the things they did to irritate you, what are you focusing on? Being irritated! Guess what? You are sending out a signal to your subconscious genie that reads “irritation” – the genie responds with “your wish is my command” and hey presto, you get more irritation!

LET GO! Let go of all the things that irritated you. You have to change the frequency of your emotional vibrations that your subconscious is sending out to the universe. You have to switch from negative to positive – it’s as simple as that. Simply let go of all the focus on their faults – their habits that irritated you to such a degree that things got to where they are now. Focus on what they do (or used to do) that made you feel happy. Go look at some happy photos – even check out your wedding pictures (as long as they are happy ones!) Focus on the happy times you shared. Do you remember the things you used to do for them that made THEM happy? Go do them all over again. When you see them, think of the happy times you have spent with them – use your own reservoir of happy memories to change the signal your subconscious has been sending out. In no time, if you put yourself 100% into this, you will find yourself in a much happier relationship than you could have dreamed of.

Ok, let’s take a look at trying to attract the love of your life INTO your life. The principle is much the same, only you haven’t met them yet (or maybe you have but haven’t noticed them). And remember, they are also looking for you! The important thing here is to be very specific when you give your subconscious genie your wish. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?

As I have said, they are also looking for you, so in these terms, forget about political or social status for a moment – this is the love of your life, right? If you start putting limits and restricting choice, you are not really sending out the right signal! Be OPEN! Or you may miss the most wonderful relationship you could ever have dreamed of. Think of values and the type of relationship you want. Think of their personality and how they treat others – yes, think about their likes and dislikes – think about everything that you want in your future dream relationship. Then believe 100% that you are going to find this person.

If you find this difficult, just remind yourself that every day, millions of men and women around the world are creating a new life with the person of their dreams. You are no different from them – you have a right to be happy too. It happens every day. You can affirm this to yourself, each day, if it helps. Now comes the hard bit. You have to be patient. Your genie certainly does grant your wish, but, not always in the timescale that you are thinking in. Believe that it will happen, and it will. Just be patient and give it time.

Ok… you’re not so patient. What happens? You date the next person that comes along, just to “fill in time” and hey, guess what, your life gets full of distractions that you would not even recognize the person of your dreams if they walked in the room. You are sending out all the wrong vibrations. Your focus is on your new date and not the love of your life. Remember, he or she is also looking for you! You are both looking for each other on a subconscious level – but yours is now sending out the wrong vibrations. You were so busy keeping yourself occupied with your new date, that you missed out on the opportunity to meet your dream lover, and they walked away without even a hello or goodbye because you didn’t know they were there.