How To Create A Dream Relationship

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to create the relationship you’ve always wanted to have with your mother and father. In fact, you can do this today even if they are no longer living, so don’t stop yourself from enjoying the satisfaction of a healthy parent-child relationship just because one or both parents is no longer in your life.

Perhaps you have been estranged from your mother or father for many years, and they have rebuffed all attempts to resolve the situation. You can still benefit from following the suggestions outlined in this article.

Remember that the release from stress and tension that you will receive by healing a sad or unhealthy relationship with your parents is one that you’ll enjoy the rest of your life. In addition, learning how to have a healthier relationship with your own parents will help you to be a better parent to your own kids and better friend to other family members.

It’s strange how often we feel tied to behaving the same old way in our relationships, as if the rules are written in stone and we are stuck with them forever more. If you don’t have a loving relationship with your mom or dad (or both), or if you’d like it to be a closer one, go ahead and change the rules! You can do this even if your parents are no longer available to you for one reason or another.

A simple way to begin is by saying: “I love you, Mom…. I love you, Dad.” If your parents are alive, call or visit them today and repeat those words in a heartfelt way. They are incredibly liberating.

If you have lost one or both of your parents and find yourself full of regret over lost opportunities to be closer to each other, you can find special ways now to create a relationship that is loving and warm.

You might wish to light a candle and put on soft music, then quietly talk to your parents as if they are in the room with you. Ask for their support and guidance with a particular problem you have been struggling with. Sit in silence for a moment as you let the answers come to you. Talk to them about what is going on in your life, and tell them you are sorry for the things you did to hurt them in the past.

You may find it comforting to wear jewelry that belonged to one of your parents, such as a watch, or wear a certain color of clothing that was their favorite. Display knickknacks and memorabilia in your home that remind you of your parents and special occasions spent with them. If you have some of your mother’s old recipes, try fixing one of them and thank her for the efforts she made to be a good mom. Read books and listen to music that they enjoyed.

Whether your parents are alive or gone, thank them for all the lessons they taught you, even if you didn’t recognize their value at the time. Forgive them for the mistakes they made, and understand that they did the best they knew how at that time, no doubt driven by their own uncertainties, worries and confusion about being a parent.

When you take the time to be grateful for the parents you were blessed with, you will discover more and more ways to honor them. And in this process, you will discover that it is indeed possible to create the loving relationship with your parents that you always dreamed of having.