How to Use a Dynamic Relationship

If you have the man of your dreams in your midst and you are about to become an exclusive couple you will want the relationship to last -will you not? But with so many marriages ending in divorce and the prevailing wind that marriage isn’t for life anyway, what can you do to make sure that your dream relationship of one month lasts and is still your dream relationship of 20 years?

The big picture is to think of building your relationship on solid ground- have this as your outcome and it will help to dictate and shape your future decisions.

As you have that picture for your relationship the next thing is to devise your own rules and boundaries.
Ask yourself and then your partner about boundaries. For instance, what is a deal breaker- i.e. what is it you both could do that is grounds for immediate divorce? Is that having an affair? Is it having a one night stand? What about gambling? Or partying? And a biggy- working away or working long hours?

Whatever that deal breaker is for you make sure you know it, communicate it to him and he has to do the same with you.

How do you want to be treated? Of course you are going to say with love and respect and other similar things, but what would that look like on a day to day basis? Work out what that is and communicate that to your partner making sure you get his as well.

How are you going to resolve your differences? Are you the type to manipulate to get your own way? Are you the type to pretend everything is fine but find things in the future to use against him? Whatever you pattern is here, talk about it now and make a pact to do something that won’t threaten the relationship?

What about mind games if you don’t feel loved? What I mean is, some women and men can resort to trying to make the other one jealous if they don’t feel they are being cared for enough. What happens with you? What would make you resort to such behaviour? Once you know this let your partner know that you really need and want to be shown love in whatever ways they are for you because otherwise you’ll feel insecure.

And lastly what about time, fun, togetherness and connection? How important do these feature in your marriage? And is this the same for your partner? You need to talk this out as over time most other things can be forgiven but having a marriage where you have no fun, there is no connection, you don’t spend time together is not a marriage and you know it will end in divorce.

So get your relationship off to a great start by building it on solid ground right from the start by taking you and your partner through this dynamic and relationship saving process, and you will have a marriage that lasts.