Successful Relationships

This article will focus on the importance of balancing your inner being towards personal transformation regarding relationships. In other words, it is vitally important to be in tune with your inner essence in order to create and maintain a nurturing interaction with yourself and with your partner, child, spouse, or whomever.

First, start off by asking yourself if you know what you want in a relationship? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Remember, the Universal Laws concerning the Law of Attraction means that to live life without purpose means you live life by default. And, relationships are no different. Please understand that nobody is in charge of making you happy. This means that true inner peace cannot be found outside of yourself. Only your own Divinity and your own Inner Guidance System have the ability to bring you the love relationships of your dreams.

So before you go forth on this journey of finding and receiving the blissfulness of a true love relationship with another human being, you must adhere to the fact that you must love yourself first. This is not just some flippant comment that you have heard before that should be skimmed over. This is serious business and is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

And, if you do not know what you expect or want for yourself in a relationship then you will get whatever your subconscious emotions are projecting. Furthermore, if you do not know what your subconscious emotions are projecting then you are living life in an unawakened state of being. Relationships are a vital part of living on the earth plane. And relationships are not just about a significant other situation. You have a relationship with your co-workers, your neighbors, your career (what you want from a career is also a pertinent question for you to ponder), your family, your friends, your pets, and all manner of living things. But for the purposes of this particular article we are going to focus on significant other relationships.

The first thing to do is to spend some quiet time in reflection about how you would like to feel when you are in a relationship. What do you want to have happen for you when you find that special someone? Not just in the beginning stage, the honeymoon stage, but for all the years that you are together. Because, since you cannot be in charge of another person’s feelings, this is really all about you. Not in a selfish way, but in a deliberate-creation way. By deliberate-creation I mean that you should understand from your inner essence what you envision for yourself. What will happen for you in this relationship? How will this help you to become a better person?

Here are some examples that might aid you with the relationship issue process. Do you want to feel appreciated? Do you want to feel respected? Do you want to be accepted for who you are and not have to live up to the expectations of the other person? Hopefully these few examples will trigger your own thought processes so you can tune into your beingness and create from that center point. Also, doing these steps will enhance your awareness about your inner desires concerning a relationship. And then you can proceed by being in an awakened state and create deliberately.

It is imperative for you to be able to connect with your inner essence. It is this author’s belief that meditation is a key element for connecting with and living by your inner guidance system. You can certainly start your mental list about how you would like to feel in your relationship. However, to accelerate the process of making your dream relationship into a reality a connection with your own spiritual advisor is essential; the spiritual advisor that dwells within you. So, having established the importance of connecting with your Divinity, let us proceed with some guidelines that can help you further along the process.

When you are in a relaxed and meditative state, imagine yourself being in the relationship of your inner most desires. Really feel the relationship being exactly the way you want it to be. While it is perfectly acceptable to picture physical attributes, the most important aspect of this process is for you to connect with how you want to feel in the relationship. And to remember what it is YOU want for yourself when you are in a relationship. Remember, acknowledging what you want in the relationship honors your inner self while also projecting the correct energy flow in order to attract your energetic match.

Visualize yourself being in the absolute epitome of the perfect relationship from your point of view. Continue to do this process on a regular basis. Remember, doing it once or twice is probably not going to produce the desired results. The reason this is so is because, at some level of your inner being, there are probably blocks or belief systems that have prevented your ideal relationship from coming to you up until this point.

Imagination is a powerful modality when creating Law of Attraction lifestyles. Because, when you let your imagination guide you then you can connect with your inner spiritual consultant. We each have an inner spiritual life coach that is just waiting to reveal the essence of your inner most desires for achieving enlightenment in any given area of your life.

So, allow yourself to dream into existence that perfect relationship. You are entitled to the best of everything, including a soul mate. Sending you the best of thoughts for success in your emotional healing regarding your relationship issues.